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Here’s what our guests appreciate most of all ...

Our location, the peace and quiet, the friendly and intimate atmosphere, the charming and rustic decor in the historic part of the Burghotel … anyone who’s stayed with us even once knows that this is a place where you’ll immediately feel right at home. At our hotel, every guest is treated like royalty!

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend a night in royal luxury? Right this way.

The Pass family,
owners of the Burghotel

Theodor and Anja Pass are in charge of the Burghotel Pass these days; they’re also a married couple. Theodor has been the sole owner for seven years now and is responsible for managing the hotel’s operations; his wife Anja primarily keeps house while taking care of their three children, but she also occasionally helps out with administrative and accounting activities.

Maria Pass, Theodor’s mother, is the heart and soul of the hotel, still enthusiastically involved in the business despite having handed the reins over to her son in 2012. When her husband Edgar, the previous manager of the hotel, passed away in 2001, Maria took over as the director of the Burghotel – a role she kept for 13 years. She’s now an institution, the heart and soul of the hotel, where she continues to work closely with the staff to oversee its day-to-day operations. To name one example, Maria is responsible for the hotel’s decor, outdoor facilities and occasional tours for guests. Nobody can tell the Burghotel’s many stories better than she can. On her tours, she’ll happily speak eloquently about the 150-year history of this family-run hotel, not to mention its the details of the building and rooms as they look today, the historical background of the castle and the changing owners and renovations it has seen over the years.

The family business already has its successors in place: Theodor and Anja Pass’ three children – Anton, Benno and Clemens, whose initials are ‘ABC’ in order of age – will be perfectly situated to have the show PASSed onto them someday.

A castle (and hotel) with a long history

18 April 1353 was a very important date: on this day, Squire Johann von Bermentfelde signed the deed to his castle in Oeding, with its mill and various buildings included in the sale. The new owner, Bishop Ludwig II of Münster, had the castle razed in 1372. But Johann von Gemen rebuilt the edifice not long after. Since its reconstruction, the castle changed hands four times before ultimately ending up in the possession of the Pass family in 1859. The castle was transformed into a hotel in 1979, breathing new life into this ancient citadel.

Today, the late-15th-century tower and vaulted cellar are all that is left of the former Oeding fortress of 1371/72. Even now, the castle tower adorns the local town’s flag and continues to be a symbol of Oeding and its centuries-old history.