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A great location with even greater options

Whether you’re interested in hiking, in an easy cycling tour through the bucolic landscape of Münsterland, or in a shopping and exploration trip through towns such as Bocholt and Borken – there’s plenty to do in the area surrounding our castle: for example, why not try a romp in the tree-climbing park near Lake Pröbsting or a visit to Castle Anholt?


Discover 18 kilometres of Münsterland

Feel like hiking along the greenway that marks the heart of the Münsterland region? There is an 18-kilometre hiking route (called the ‘Kommiesenpatt – Kommiezenpad’) that will take you from the Burghotel along a former path for customs officers and smugglers. Along the way, you’ll discover more about the region and what makes it so special. A total of 12 informational signs along the route will tell you about the general history of the area, as well as more details about the border and about the park-like landscape that’s so typical of the region around Münster.

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Seeing Münsterland on two wheels

Münsterland is a paradise for cyclists. Nowhere else in Germany will you find this density of cycle routes – narrow paths through fields, woods and meadows known locally as ‘Pättkes’. One particularly special highlight: the ‘100-Schlösser-Route’ (‘Route of 100 Castles’), which will take you past landmarks such as Raesfeld Palace and Castle Anholt. Four different paths (North, South, East and West) criss-crossing Münster, Bocholt and Tecklenburger Land will show you 100 historic edifices over 960 kilometres in total. Turn your cycle tour into a (historical) experience, too. You can get more information on cycle routes in the region from our reception desk or at the following links:

www.suedlohn.de   www.muensterland.com   www.radkompass.de


Winterswijk – home of cheese and beer

  • Mallumse Mill and Millhouse
    Mallumse Mill is a lovely historic mill. Learn more about this 15th-century mill or simply enjoy a juicy steak from the restaurant.
  • Museum Erve Kots
    What was once a working farm is now a museum: at ‘Erve Kots’, visitors can learn about life as a farmer in the border region between Germany and the Netherlands. If you’re thirsty afterwards, you can also enjoy a refreshing beer from the museum’s own brewery.
  • Weenink Cheese Farm
    Mention ‘the Netherlands’ and you’ll immediately conjure up images of cheese. This former dairy – the Weenink Cheese Farm – will tell you all about the art of cheesemaking. Interested in a sample? During the tour, you’ll be offered plenty of yummy cheese varieties to try.


Bocholt – a bridge between history and the modern day

  • Castle Anholt
    Fall in love with the picturesque backdrop of the moated castle at Anholt. Several Baroque gardens and parks invite visitors to while away the hours. In 1945, the castle was almost completely destroyed and later reconstructed. Since then, it has held a 1,500-square-metre exhibition space, library and archive dedicated to the nobility of Salm-Salm. Prince Leopold of Salm-Salm set aside the south-western area of the grounds as a park in 1900; today, this park features both a charming zoo and a golf course. 
  • Textile museum
    Immerse yourself in the world of weaving and sewing. Learn about the machines, tools and typical day-to-day life of a textile worker during the period from 1900 to 1960. There’s even a chance to try it out yourself: the Textile Museum’s motto is ‘look, wonder, touch’.
  • Bocholt Arcades
    Shop until you drop in this 26,000-square-metre shopping mall. Deichmann, Mayersche, Saturn – the biggest shopping centre in Münsterland features all the top brands under one (skylight-adorned) roof.


Borken – from fishing to splashing and swimming around

  • Wolter Trout Farm
    Fishing, shooting, hiking – this trout farm offers plenty of fun leisure activities. Take a covered wagon and discover the area in the company of friends. Rest and regain strength from coffee and homemade cake. And, of course, don’t forget to try the trout, which is freshly prepared and smoked daily.  
  • Zoo at Raesfeld Palace
    A picture-perfect Renaissance zoo: the zoo at Raesfeld Palace first opened in the 16th century and is the oldest zoo in Germany dating back to that era. Experience wild animals right up close and in their natural environment.  
  • Jugendburg Gemen (Gemen Youth Centre)
    Over 900 years old, this moated castle is today home to a centre for teenagers and young adults. Spend a spring holiday or pre-exams break in a quiet setting: This is a place where young people feel right at home.  
  • Pröbsting Amusement Park
    A tree-climbing park right in the middle of the forest, a sizeable lake and a minigolf course: Pröbsting Amusement Park offers plenty of fun for visitors of all ages. From the many lawns and forest to the lake, where you can fish or swim – Pröbsting is a lovely place to get away from everyday life in the heart of Münsterland.  
  • Aquarius Borken


Vreden – from beer to culture

  • Vreden Brewery
    The owners of Vreden Brewery have amassed around 90 years of experience as hosts – a fact that becomes obvious as soon as you sit down. The cultural heart of the town, the Kleine family believes that hospitality is an art form and makes sure to provide nothing less – with the help of their own beer cellar.  
  • Zwillbrock Biology Station
    Discover the marshes, moors and wetlands in the district of Borken at this nature station, run by the organisation of the same name. Founded in 1986, the Zwillbrock Biology Station is a nature-conservation association dedicated to protecting the unique biodiversity of the Münsterland region. Get tips on the most stunning areas for a nature trip from the association staff. 
  • Hamaland Museum
    Hamaland Museum is the biggest museum in Münsterland. With more than 10,000 artefacts in its collection (from the natural world, arts and textiles), the museum tells the region’s unique story to visitors.